Configurable payroll solution delivered through a SaaS model

When an effective payroll system is key to the success of any organization, FlexiEle gives you the versatility and power to cut costs while delivering a payroll system that is world class.

Payroll management is very important as well as the most complex process of  human resource management. High degree of planning, efficient work allocation, rigorous quality adherence and agility are crucial aspects of payroll management. Partnering with efficient payroll partner  should be the first critical step in maximizing the gains for any company.

FE payroll module offers error free payroll processing through a fully customizable tool that helps to process clients with varied complexity. The software is fully integrated with Payroll Self Service through Employee Self service that facilitates employee interaction.


Integrated with Other modules for complete workflow

The payroll function of any organization is directly linked to many other departments, such as HR and accounts. That's why we've developed FlexiEle Payroll to seamlessly integrate with all other systems like FE Leave Management, FE Attendance Management and Employee self Service.

Once FlexiEle Payroll is up-and-running, you'll be able to appreciate the advantages straight away. Not only is the user interface easy to navigate and use, it's highly versatile and can be customized for tasks unique to the payroll operation of your organization.

FlexiEle payroll has been designed specifically for Indian payroll and can handle all aspects of payroll from automated payment runs to tax and reporting. But it's the way that our platform integrates with HR and other departments that can really add value to your business and cut costs. With FlexiEle you'll discover you need less manpower in every part of your business to do the same amount of work. Which is why we say it's the payroll system that pays its way.


Accessible through Mobile

FE Payroll Self Services are always accessible even when you are on the go!

Employees can access their salary, track status of their reimbursement claims through their smart phones using FE Apps.

Expert panel for Statutory Compliant management

Group of our payroll experts are always up-to-date with the latest regulations (such as income tax laws) which help eliminating charges and penalties due to inaccurate calculations.

Our team has experts for statutory compliance management,who handle PF, PT, ESIC, LWF, contract labour, shops and establishment act compliance for companies.

Monthly Assignments

  • Monthly Payments and deductions for the employees( LOP,LOPR, Transport Deduction, Loan EMI, Pay change etc)
  • Monthly validation of employee's Tax declaration
  • Validation of monthly statutory deductions ( Income Tax, PF, ESI, LWF and PTax)
  • Reports for Income Tax, PF, ESI, LWF and PTax
  • Preparation of monthly entity wise pay register
  • Reports for Bank Transfer advice and list of Cheques
  • Reimbursements statement for the employees
  • Payslip along with Tax Sheet
  • Loan Balance Statement
  • Loan Installment Statement
  • Short pay earning / deduction report to client for verification

Annual Assignments

  • Generation of e-Form16 (in pdf format)
  • Details for gratuity actuarial
  • Verification and updation of actual tax proof as per the provision of Income Tax.

Some of the features in detail

  • FE Payroll module can be customized 100% for even the most complicated pay calculations
  • Any number of perks earning can be defined as also the number of pay earning, perk recovery and deductions.
  • Payroll system is updated with statutory regulations as per the Government Circulars
  • Create any kind of JV reports in text, excel, XML etc format based on any combination of pay heads so as to be able to import into your third party accounting software thus doing away with any kind of salary related data entries again.
  • Payroll Advance Benefits -- In case your firm has flexible benefit plan then it is very easy to configure the pay heads included in flexible benefits based on formula or a maximum limit.
  • Employees can contribute extra voluntarily to their PF account and give details of the family members who are going to be nominated for various schemes.
  • Any kind of loans or salary advances can be defined and calculated on flat, reducing, PMT and average value method.
  • Once a loan is granted the loan EMI calculations can be automatically done in FE Payroll module.
  • The personal or housing loan comes as a deduction in the pay slip or as a separate loan slip. Get a report at any point of time to figure out how many employees have taken the loan and how much of the loan money is outstanding.
  • In Pay heads like HRA, standard salary entitlement can be based on fixed amount or formula based.
  • Pay heads can be included in full or final settlement or a flexible benefit plan or in group insurance as per the requirements.
  • For deductions like PF, do the adjustments based on full or negative or partial amount.
  • All the changes announced by the finance minister in the annual budget are implemented in seconds using a powerful income tax formula builder.
  • FE Payroll module has a very elaborate increment process based on pay cycles or slab bases or it could also be based on formula applicable to certain pay groups.
  • Open flexible benefit plan and investment form for certain group of people for a certain period and send an email to all of them in just one click.
  • FE Payroll module has a powerful import facility in which you can import loans investments, increment, processed salary data and current month's payroll data using excel.
  • Salary processing can be done in a few easy steps. For full and final settlement of employees more or less the same steps as just explained in salary processing are to be followed.
  • Employees can fill their investment declaration forms online and can also do their income tax calculations. They can also view their salary, loan and income tax slips in a few clicks.
  • Payroll module has lots of standard reports like company wise, department wise, designation wise, salary statements, Form 16, PF, ESIC statements, loan transaction, arrears exemptions and TDS reports.
  • Other reports like salary reconciliation, transfer and promotion report as also e-form 24 Q, PF and ESIC reports and challans can be generated.